In which sector should you invest?

When choosing the property, you are going to buy, you have to keep in mind what your objectives are with respect to that property. In this case we are addressing the purpose of that real estate being used as a source of income. If you’re aiming for that, these three considerations will help you when deciding where to invest:

Apartment or house:

For an investment, the apartment is definitely the most suitable option. There are many people looking to rent an apartment for different reasons, so putting this type of home up for sale ensures that there will be someone willing to rent it.

Apartments of a few meters:

Small apartments are highly valued, such as those with 1 room and 1 bathroom, since they are more accessible for more people, and maintenance and administration costs for the owner are very low.


You should already know that depending on the land on which the building is located, its capital gain increases, but it is also advisable to have a vision of the future and consider those sectors that have growth potential, so the value of the property will increase over time.

Now, between investing in regions or in the capital, the most profitable option is the city. More than 40% of the population lives in the Metropolitan Region, and with the new metro lines 3 and 6 and future projections for the following lines, the city’s connectivity allows more and new real estate projects to be opened throughout the region.

With respect to the communes with the highest real estate growth, the following can be highlighted:

  • Santiago Centre
  • San Miguel
  • Central Station
  • Ñuñoa

These four communes stand out for their excellent connectivity with the centre of the capital, mainly due to the metro stations, proximity to the Central Highway and high commercial activity, which clearly allows the sector to be well valued.

These are some of the aspects that will help you make a good decision when accrediting yourself as the owner of a real estate and that will make your property very well valued by future tenants when you rent your property.

What are the most profitable sectors to invest in?

The world is changing so rapidly that it is impossible to know what we are going to dedicate ourselves to professionally in the future. More than half of today’s students will work in positions that are not even created now.

So, if you are thinking of creating your own company or investing your savings in a business, do not do it blindly, know the most profitable sectors and choose a sector on the rise where demand is high, and competition is low. In this way you will multiply your chances of success.

Big data, artificial intelligence and the internet of things are some of the sectors with the most future, according to Emilio Corchado, CEO of Start-up Olé Salamanca. For other experts, all businesses related to childcare and seniors, renewable energy or recycling are the most profitable to undertake today.

The latest studies on the most competitive sectors present the green economy, commerce, tourism and information technologies as the most interesting sectors to undertake, to invest and, of course, to look for work.

We are going to recommend that you bet on these innovative sectors that are beginning to develop today or that, although they have been booming for a long time, will continue to be in the medium or long term that are also being described by Tajarat properties. We also show you examples of business projects that have opted for these sectors and have found success:

1. New technologies

Everything related to technology is a more than profitable business today. Online marketing, mobile applications, sale of software to companies, “Internet of things”, 3D printing or “Big Data”. Along with these, augmented reality and drones, are and will be the sectors most in demand and most conducive to entrepreneurship.

The world is already mobile. Let’s not forget that almost 87% of users do an online search before making any purchase. The maelstrom of online and the dictatorship of smartphones are forcing us to adapt to changes. Go ahead and take the initiative.

The key is to choose well within this sector. You will not fail if you find products and services to improve and make life easier for users. In this sense, cybersecurity is a safe bet that will continue to make its way because more and more data is handled by individuals and companies, and it is increasingly necessary to keep them safely.

Mobile applications have gone from being considered a day-to-day tool to becoming a necessity. They are and will be a sector to take into account in a society in which smartphones are almost an extension of our bodies.

As expected, home automation continues to grow and is a sector that will be booming in 2018, with a forecast of reaching 30 million automated homes in Europe.


Aisoy Robotics is the company that has developed a robot-pet capable of establishing emotional ties with the user and has applied it to early childhood education, making it not only a companion, but also a friend to children.

The robot has software that interprets stimuli, learns from them and makes decisions. Unlike other robots, it does not have a collection of programmed responses, but rather develops as it interacts with the child, adopting a dynamic and unpredictable behaviour and allows us to observe how little by little his personality becomes more complex.  


Eneso is a start-up that develops technological solutions to improve the lives of people with disabilities. The first tool they created allows people with reduced mobility to control a computer through head movements.

EnPathia, which is what this tool is called, can be attached to the head with a strap or attached to a headset and, through head movements, the user controls a pointer on the computer screen. Later they created software that facilitates communication for people with oral expression problems (Verb), and their latest creation has been Teatro Sensorial-Eneso, a new system for creating spaces for multisensory stimulation.

2. Third Age

Population data tell us that we should pay attention to the elderly. Remember that the predominant population pyramid in recent years is headed by people over 50 years of age. In 2050 30% of the European population will be over 65 years old.

20% will need daily help. They will be joined by 3% of people with severe disabilities. In total, almost 10% of the European population will need daily help. These data offer us business opportunities aimed at elderly, active and eager to occupy their time. It is a matter of finding a way to approach the business to solve a need in that market segment.

Take into account undertaking in the organization of specific activities, care for dependent people, day centres or geriatric residences. In short, satisfy the many needs of a group that demands a series of services, products and attention.


As an example of a project developed by young entrepreneurs in the field of technology and the elderly, we present you Stimulus, a software for cognitive stimulation and rehabilitation that is based on a series of interactive exercises that train the different cognitive processes.

It is designed to be used on tablets, and has a professional purpose, although there is also a home version for the end user. Its main objective is to improve the quality of life of people with cognitive deficits caused by injury, disability or neurodegenerative disease, as well as to improve cognitive reserve in at-risk populations.

FAMILIES is an online platform that aims to provide caregivers for the elderly, the sick and people with disabilities. This tool selects and verifies the data of the professionals, although the best way to ensure that the caregivers are trustworthy are the evaluations of the other users.

Familiados was born in June 2015, at the hands of a group of entrepreneurs from Madrid and Navarra with the aim of improving the experience that exists when a person or family needs to find help from a caregiver, more or less unexpectedly, without giving up quality and trust.

3. Sustainability and Environment

There are more and more regulations that require compliance with certain guidelines regarding sustainability and caring for the environment. Carrying out business initiatives around this matter can be a guarantee of success, although it is important that we know how to focus on a particular market niche.

The renewable energy and waste management are booming sectors to undertake. So is the adaptation of infrastructure and buildings. Green businesses related to transportation, green consulting services or ecological gardening, are the most successful business ideas now.

Rudn Enclave housing soeciety provides you with sustainable environment and location, where you can have a great opportunity to invest.


Within the organic and food sector we find Alberto Jiménez and Javier Quintana, two young people who in 2014 created Smile at and have revolutionized infant feeding with some jars for babies over four months old made with 100% organic products and artisan production. that renounces the use of preservatives, thickeners, sugar or salt.

Its main achievement has been to be one of the main 100% eco baby food brands in our country, with more than 2000 points of sale. They have started selling in France, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Cyprus and have just entered the City Super chain in Hong Kong.


DIKA is a creative studio that bases its activity on Design Architecture, has a multidisciplinary team (designers, architects, computer graphics, interior designers, technicians, engineers, craftsmen) united under the same guide, developing a unique project idea with a great ecological commitment (recycling and reuse) in line with the new world upcycling trends.

Its differential is the use of orphan materials (reused or recycled materials) together with the multidisciplinary and versatile nature of the study.

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